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Dear Madam or Sir:

I recently traveled to the city of San Francisco, from February 20th, 2012 to February 22nd, 2012 and I booked to stay at the Travelodge located just a couple of miles away from the airport, at S Airport Boulevard,

I checked in sometime about 11:00 am and we were given room Number 601, and left to visit the city, we came back to the room 601 later in the night, it was a terrible surprise to us that we were bitten by bedbugs during the night, we took pictures of the bugs and killed some of them and gave them to the front desk, where they claimed they did not know they had them, we were changed to room 651 in the morning of the 21st, and also left to tour in the city, when we came back later in the night, the surprise was even worse to see that there were more bed bugs than in the previous room, we were again bitten by them, we have pictures of the bites and of the bugs running around the beds and the walls and ceiling of the room. When we spoke once again with the front desk about 11:00 pm of the same day, because the bugs literally run us out of the room, we told them that we were not to pay for the service in this hotel where we had such a bad experience, they said that since out booked the stay there through TouricoHolidays via American Airlines, we should complaint and request the refund for the payment of the stay at the place,with them, which I am requesting now, I believe you should check this hotel so you do not look bad since people do the booking through you. We checked out about 11:30 pm and went to a different hotel across the street where I had to pay for again for the service that was not rendered at this Travelodge.

As an American Airlines employee, I will personally let my company know about the experience and will request them to stop getting any bookings in this hotel and take them out of the booking program to all the airline employees.

Therefore, I am requesting a full refund for the fees paid at this place, and any medical and other expenses I may incur into in the near future due to this unhealthy and filthy place. I will send all the pictures and copies of credit card payments on your request.


Claudia Perez

Review about: Travelodge Room.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Sacramento, California, United States #710082

There are bed bugs in this hotel I got them there to in room 620


So you really think that lying and claiming there were bedbugs just to get a free stay in your room is a mature thing to do. Where are these "pictures"?


ALWAYS check BEHIND the headboard of the bed(s) when checking into ANY hotel/motel. The headboards are mounted on the wall, but they do lift off quite easy.

Check ALL cracks and crevices, as that is where the bugs hide. They are a caramel color, but you will see em if that :p room is infested with em.

Best wishes. :roll

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